Steven Reigns explores the inexhaustible power of family to affect our lives and loves, and does so in a candid yet passionate manner remarkable for its evocative and wounding moments.

--Wanda Coleman, author of Heavy Daughter Blues and Mercurochrome: New Poems

...A gay life lived with pleasure and bitterness and companionability. It welcomes the reader in and this book is bursting full of relationships whether between siblings or internet dates or married men. Its subject might be the loneliness of how much everybody knows.

--Eileen Myles, author of Sorry, Tree and Skies

Steven Reigns’ Inheritance sizzles with the unsparing heat of memory. This impressive and soulful collection displays a queer poetics so precise and deft it leaves the reader almost singed by how close to the mark the words flare.
--Tim Miller, author of Body Blows and 1001 Beds

Steven Reign's graceful, plainspoken lyrics describe the shape of one gay life at the beginning of this new century, a time of uncertainty, transformation, and hope. To read his book is to meet a man alert to his times and the textures of the lives around him, a community observed with tenderness, wit and pleasure.
-- Mark Doty, author of Dog Years and Fire to Fire

Publisher: Sibling Rivalry Press (March 30, 2011)
ISBN 978-0-9832931-2-5
Previously published by Lethe Press, ISBN-10: 1590211383

Hooray for this collection of poems--voices released into a world that has needed them for so long.- Marie Howe

I was not prepared for the feelings these poems stirred in me.- David Trinidad

Giving voice to rich lifetimes of experience. - Mark Doty

An anthology of autobiographical poetry by gay, lesbian, and bisexual seniors. This collection was born out of a 16-week workshop taught by Reigns. Portraits by artist Jenny Walters accompany each poet.

edited by Steven Reigns, portraits by Jenny Walters
cover image by: Thaddeus Root, preface by Dorothy Allison
ISBN: 978-0-9714393-0-6

In Cartography, Reigns charts his friendship with Michael Colleli. Written at the time of his death, the writings are full of loss, reminiscence, pain, and the joy of their friendship. This ten part non-lineal poem addresses the universals of loss, the material, faulty memory, and friendship bonds. Reigns plays cartographer in this poem as he charts his way through his shock and grief.

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ISBN: 978-0-9714393-3-8
Cover Image by: Coralyn Pierson

The moment we shared was a birth of sorts, an introduction. I hardly ever think of the specifics of that moment but do reflect on its emotional residue. Next year will mark fifteen years. Compiling these works, I realized that no amount of writing could really encapsulate all that the moment meant and ignited.

A compilation of Reigns' writings on his first time with a man. The works range from a journal entry written the evening of the event on December 4, 1992 to a poem completed in July of 2005. Reigns writes in the introduction:

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ISBN: 978-0-9714393-3-7
Chapbook made by Darin Klein & Steven Reigns.
out of print

The writings, which describe early memories, have healed some of my own sorrows!
- Linda Montano

People need to dominate their own lives and take control. In this book, Steven Reigns has done just that and set a wonderful precedent for our generation.
- Misstress Formika

Your Dead Body is My Welcome Mat is a brillant and courageous act of truth telling and art. This book will break your heart and then pick up the pieces and put it back together again.
- Sapphire

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Published by Burning Page Press
ISBN 0-9714393-1-1
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