About Steven Reigns

Steven Reigns' poetry chart an emotional landscape few writers explore. The writings are an expedition into feelings and senses. Reigns has an ability to reflect with unbridled honesty upon experiences and craft them into art. After earning a degree in Creative Writing at the University of South Florida, he published his début poetry collection, Your Dead Body is My Welcome Mat, in 2001. Since then, Reigns has published six chapbooks: Ignited, Cartography, In the Room, As if Memories Were Not Enough, Project, and Stu. A five-time recipient of The Los Angeles County’s Department of Cultural Affairs’ Artist in Residency Grant, Reigns organized and taught the first-ever autobiography poetry workshop for GLBT seniors and edited an anthology of their writings, My Life is Poetry. He has taught writing workshop around the country to GLBT youth and people living with HIV and recently received his Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Currently he is involved with S(t)even Years, a 7-year endurance performance under the mentorship of performance artist Linda Montano. His newest collection Inheritance came out in 2011 by Sibling Rivalry Press.

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