Featuring: Clint Catalyst, Bernard Cooper, Jonny McGovern, Steven Reigns, and Bruce Vilanch. Special welcome by John D'Amico Stolen & Forbidden: Before the Internet, pilferage and privacy breaking were common for young gay men looking for answers and others like themselves in the words of books and magazines they were denied access to by price, age, or shame. The stories that accompany these texts are just as amusing as the text themselves. Five gay men talk about and read the text that was forbidden or they stole in their youth. The act of sneak reading is a common experience. The length one goes to do it is often comical. Presented by Steven Reigns and the City of West Hollywood as a preview to the One City One Pride Queer Arts Festival.

Informative video about Steven Reigns' My Life is Poetry Class.

Gay Male Identity Explored, Antioch University Except from Steven Reigns' talk at Antioch University's program Gay Male Identity Explored with Ian MacKinnon and Steve Tagle. Program organized by Doug Sadowick and sponsored by Antioch GLBT Specialization.

Steven Reigns reads at Ian MacKinnon's Queer Mondays at Highways Performance space.

Video by: Jenny Walters
Music by: Tina DiGeorge from

Steven Reigns introduction to Anais Nin @ 105 at the Hammer Museum. Reigns gives a brief biography about Anais Nin.
Filmed by Ian MacKinnon

Steven Reigns was the first to speak to the Hillsborough County Commissioners on their ban of displays representing gay, lesbian, bisexuals, and transsexuals in the public library.

Steven Reigns talks about and reads from his first chapbook as part of his 7-year performance project S(t)even Years. This was performed at Ian McKinnon's Queer Mondays @ Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica.

Steven Reigns reads his poem The Dead